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A family business since 1947 we have served the interior industry for over 75 years sourcing, manufacturing and installing in both residential and commercial projects. Whilst our history has traditionally been embedded in natural stone, we have immersed ourselves in new porcelain technology as it has developed

It has allowed us to offer our clients either directly or through our partners, such as architects and interiors designs, real choice, and exciting solutions that inspire the way we live. 

Our technical expertise and product knowledge means that one-off’s, bespoke and truly unique is 100% in our comfort zone. The balance between form and function is central to each project, however so is realising the client’s aspiration and holding up outstanding beauty.  

Our design-led service ensures that we are creating your aspirations as per the requirements of the project. 

“Tierra Mia – My Home is my land, a space for wonder”


Discover the entire range of Tierra Mia porcelain slabs for countertops and wall coverings.


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